Solar DC Water Pumps

Contact Solar Tasmania today to enquire about our extensive range of quality DC Water Pump Solutions and now due to public interest/inquiry, Composting Toilets.


SHURFlo Solar DC Water Pumps

The full range Pressure and bore pumps are kept in stock at Solar Tasmania. We also stock German Made maximisers for solar water pump systems without batteries.

ALL NEW 5050,  4 valve SUREFlo super impressive quality pump full of features. 18.9 liters a minute, 55psi, self priming, bypass and pressure switch. Available for $325 bare. Spot on for demanding larger dwelling applications.

Super Transfer 12v, Twin Head, SHURFlo 4111, amazing performance at 26 liters a minute.

Trusty 2088 Pressure Pump, available in 12v or 24v, with pressure vessel or without. Kept at Solar Tasmania for decades is a truly reliable pump.

2088 Pressure Pump, without vessel, 12v or 24v, $215,

2088 Pressure Pump with vessel, 12v or 24v, $496


SINGFLO Professional Grade

If you are looking for a 12 or 24v DC budget pump with great performance and warranty ? We have it in the Singflo pump. Is fitted to accumulator for complete water for the home, or sold as a transfer unit for as low as $130. With many people already using these great little pumps, positive feedback to us mean we are stocking parts and backing this product. 2 products held in stock for now, 17 liters a minute or the 4.9, both have 40psi cut out switches (bypass on the 17Lpm unit). 150psi car washing type pumps to run from battery are also available on request. A good idea if you want to clean up around the home, wash a bike or car, without destroying the daily charge of your main battery.

Solar Bore Pumps

Several installed from the Commodore range, to great success with years of uninterrupted service

Spares for all our solar water pumps are kept on site at Solar Tasmania. Repair services are available upon request.