Solar Controllers / PWM Regulators / Inverters

Solar Tasmania stock THE LARGEST range of on display solar controllers and regulators for all solar power systems in AUSTRALIA, including operating displays. Our continuing reasearch and development means only the most reliable, efficient, cutting edge tech. MPPT and PWM are kept, without compromise.

Excellent quality Power Inverters punch above their weight. Truly transformer based, galvanically Isolated for industry leading safety. Conformal coating to protect the circuits and chips from moisture and dust. This is the MINIMUM requirement from Manufacturers we specify. Needless to say, us and our Customers can rely on clean, safe reliable power from the smallest to most demanding loads, year in year out, decade in decade out, which is often the case.

You will not get this type of quality from "cheapies" which simply cannot be relied apon. Senereo is, would you trust a $250 cheapie to supply power to a freezer with $1000 worth of frozen produce in it while on holidays for a month ? Would you trust your $5000 German Gel battery to a $100 X brand MPPT Controller.

Midnite Solar Series - Made in USA

Highly reliable, fully featured, 5 year warranty



Midnight, Classic 150, 90Amp Mppt, $1199

Midnight, Kid, 30Amp Mppt, $550

Morningstar - Made in Taiwan

5 year warranty



Morning Star, TSMPPT60, 60 Amp Mppt, $800

Beijing EP Solar Technology - Made in China

2 year warranty



eTracer, ET6415N, 60 Amp Mppt, $710

eTracer, ET3215N, 30 Amp Mppt, $380

Tracer-2210RN, 20 Amp Mppt, $228

Tracer-3210RN, 30 Amp Mppt, $328

Tracer-4215RN, 40 Amp Mppt, $428

LandStar, LS0512, 5 Amp PWM, 12v Only, $30

SeaStar, SS1024, 10 Amp PWM, 12v and 24v, $62.50

SeaStar, SS1524, 15 Amp PWM, 12v and 24v, $78.50

SeaStar, SS2024, 20 Amp PWM, 12v and 24v, $92

ViewStar, VS1024N, 10 Amp PWM, 12v and 24v, $78.50

SMA SUNNY ISLAND 6/8 Grid Interactive


MAGNASIGN 4.4KVA Inverter Charger


Inverter section of site Under Construction,,,,,,but amazing quality/performance/backup for the price.


ViewStar, VS2024N, 20 Amp PWM, 12v and 24v, $135

ViewStar, VS3024N, 30 Amp PWM, 12v and 24v, $235

ViewStar, VS6048N, 60 Amp PWM, 12v and 24v, $348

MT5 Monitor, Suitable for the Tracer Mppt, $35