DC LED Lighting

Phovolt Advanced Technology LED Lighting has been supported by Solar Tasmania for the past 7 years. Contuing development of the DC LED globe range has realised vast improvements in safety, efficiency and reliability for our customers. All DC LED globes sold by Solar Tasmania come with a 2 year warranty, but in application in both grid powered systems and solar power systems have been nothing less than extraordinarily reliable. All DC LED globes that for unforeseen reasons may fail, should be returned to the store for possbile warranty claims.

Common DC LED light globes supplied by Solar Tasmania are listed below. If the glode that you are looking for is not listed below, feel free to contact us.

30 watt B22, 24v, $98

20 watt B22, 12v, $89

12 watt B22, 24/12v, $60

7 watt B22, 24v, $27.95

7 watt B22, 12v, $27.95

5 watt B22, 12v, $25.95

3 watt B22, 24v, $17.50

3 watt B22, 12v, $17.50

18 watt T8, 12/24v, $65

8 watt T5, 12/24v, $40

Solar Tasmania also stocks various sized ceiling lights that emit as a flood light from $20, and various wattages in directional downlights from $10 (MR16).

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