Solar Tasmania Services

Full electrical contracting and solar/wind/water power system installation services available.

Solar Tasmania services include sales and installation of renewable energy systems, solar power systems, grid tied or battery, water and wind turbines. We have the largest range of solar panels, solar controllers and inverters in stock and on display in Tasmania. Operational shop displays, battery storage and grid tie. 

We stock only the best quality batteries, cables and accessories for mounting, connection and protection of solar power systems. We have a full range of PWM and MPPT solar controllers kept on display, 5 to 100 amps.

Wind turbines up to 1000 watts normlly stocked; 12V, 24V and 48v. Specialised dump load controllers for wind/water driven devices are custom made at Solar Tasmania, modular, simple and robust. Wind Turbines kept in stock are specifically designed for battery charging, have been evaluated over time in Tasmania's harsh, corrosive environment are great value for money. Turbines mean the difference between having meaningful electricity to use, or not in our Winters and generally provide longer service life of any battery.

Water turbines made to order, through our contacts at Platapus Power and other Manufacturers.

Battery and Maximiser DC water pumps and spares kept at the shop. Bore Pumping, home supply, washing the car, spraying weeds. You will find what you need.  Repair services available.

Highly specialised and well develloped DC LED light globes available for all voltages: particularly efficient and robust for running directly from solar powered batteries.

Welcome to the Oldest Retailer of Solar Panel Kits in Tasmania

Enduring experience with Remote Area Power & Grid Tied electrical power and generating systems.

At Solar Tasmania, we have a passion for sales, research and development, installation and support for all kinds of solar power systems, including remote area power generation and storage. We concentrate on continual improvement for battery operated essential services such as water pumping, refrigeration and lighting. Interestingly, some products have been stocked for 20+ years without change. Premium products, quality accessories and Qualified Electrical Contracting means reliability for our customers.